Artist Statement on “The Raven Series”

Summer 2010

Ancestors I

Ancestors I

Symbolism is an important aspect of my raven series in which the raven becomes the vehicle to convey my perceptions and interpretations of life. The meaning for any of these paintings can be interpreted by seeing the world through the raven’s eyes as he looks out at his rather surreal, dreamlike environment.

Why ravens? I have chosen the raven because these birds have long fascinated me because of their keen intellect, magnificent beauty, and bold personalities. These shy birds, though bold, noisy, and gregarious among each other, can be both majestic and comical. However, more than anything else, I paint them because I find them artistically inspirational.

The symbols that I use help create a surreal, dreamlike world – one in which the raven ponders the many aspects of life’s experiences and conundrums. I utilize such symbols as ribbons, spheres, totems, churches, and clouds to imply questions of personal beliefs, vagaries of life, serendipity, religion, and life’s journeys.

Acrylic paints, along with inks and collage papers, provide the intensity of colors that are important for my expression. The settings are simplified, yet usually convey some element of mystery. The materials and techniques create an “other-worldly” setting.

The process of painting is a magical one that provides a way to for me to express my personal musings on life’s experiences.